Ty Croes Vineyard Vines

Tŷ Croes Vineyard

view of the vines

Harry Dean, family and friends, established Tŷ Croes Vineyard in 2003. This involved planting 800 vines to produce a white grape called Phoenix. The following year more Phoenix were added along with a red variety called Rondo.

The vineyard was maintained to a high standard for the next two years, almost nurtured by Harry and this allowed the vines to mature and establish themselves. They produced a small harvest in 2005 which yielded approximately 100 bottles of quality white wine.The grapes went away to be processed and bottles and later returned as an impressive cellar of both red and white wine.

By 2007, again with help from family and friends we planted more Rondo and a different variety of red called Regent. We also introduced a new variety of white grape called Solaris. We now had several different varieties, this would enable us to blend the different grapes and enhance the flavour and appeal of the wines produced. This was considered important at a time when customers have become much more discerning in their choice of wine and these days with palate more influential than pocket, many are eager to try something different. The vineyard now covers four acres of land, on a North/South alignment, and is situated in the southern corner of Anglesey.

You are very welcome to tour the vineyard for which a small charge is made and this includes tasting the wine the vineyard shop will be open and you may purchase the wine there.

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